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Cars Get Ready - SECONDS

Cars Get Ready - SECONDS

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SECOND:  these charts may have a minor imperfection - slight difference in colour from our original, a small crease or scratches on the back of the chart.


Do you want to foster independence in your child when it comes time for them to get ready in the morning? 

Our 'My Get Ready Chart' will help your child gain ownership and responsibility for getting themselves ready.

Your child can slide their get ready tasks from the 'I need to' side of their chart, to the 'I have' side once the task is completed.

These fully magnetic charts have two-way magnet task cards so they stick to the magnetic chart whether they are on the fridge or not. The charts are light weight so can easily be attached to the wall so you can display them anywhere in your home.

This product includes: 
1 unicorn design chart 
10 task cards (as listed below) 
5 daily rewards cards 

10 task card option: 
Make my bed 
Brush my teeth 
Brush my hair 
Eat my breakfast 
Get my lunch and drink 
Get dressed 
Pack my bag 
Go to the toilet 
Put away my toys 
Put my shoes on 


NZ - Please allow 5 days for shipping.

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD - contains small magnets. RECOMMENDED 3 years and up.

Images provided by Susan Fitch Design.