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Who are we

Hello!  Thank you for visiting our website.  We are the faces behind LuluBug Learning! 
On the left is Fleur who has three beautiful daughters; Lucy (6) Matilda (4) and Eleanor (3). Kelly is on the right and is Mum to Jayda (6) Arley (4) and Marni (2). 
We are both experienced primary school teachers, who collectively have 12 years teaching experience at all age levels. We are hugely passionate about teaching and are excited to be able to draw on our teaching experience to provide Mums with quality activities to enjoy with their children.


When our first children were very young, we found there was a gap in the market for some products to help us through our parenting journey, and help our kids navigate through some pretty big and new things! We started to create a few products that supported and encouraged our girls and helped them gain some independence and confidence. This all started with our ever so popular Get Ready Chart!

We then started developing other products aiming to assist children in expressing emotions, gaining self management skills, reducing anxiety, and reaching new milestones in a fun way! Being teachers, we also wanted to produce some fun educational products for our children to use at home. We found these products gave other parents some new tools to use with their children in a variety of ways that worked for them, and what started as a quick DIY chart, became quite popular!  

People ask us often what LuluBug stands for.  Since we started when we each had just our eldest children, we named our business LuluBug -  Lucy (nicknamed Lulu) and Jayda (nicknamed Bug).
We have grown so much over the last few years and are so appreciative of your support.  It means so much to our little business and we love to know people are out there using our products with their children.
Thank you!!
Fleur and Kelly