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My Feelings Chart

My Feelings Chart

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Do you want to help your child express themselves in a positive way?

Our 'My Feelings Chart' is a great tool to help your child explain how they are feeling and what they need.  

When a child is upset or angry it can be very hard for them to explain how they are feeling and why. This often leads to long drawn out tantrums that can be exhausting for both the child and the parent.

Your child can use the 'I feel' images to show how they are feeling and then choose from the 'I need' images to find a way to help them through it.

These fully magnetic charts have two-way magnet emotion cards so they stick to the magnetic chart whether they are on the fridge or not. The charts are light weight so can easily be attached to the wall so you can display them anywhere in your home.

Included with this chart is:
8 x 'I feel' cards: Scared, Worried, Tired, Mad, Sad, Frustrated, Embarrassed, Silly
9 x 'I need' cards: deep breaths, a quiet space, my special toy, a hug, a walk, to talk, a rest, a drink, 1 x blank 

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD - contains small magnets. RECOMMENDED 3 years and up.

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