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My Chore Chart

My Chore Chart

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Do you want to foster independence in your children and have them gain some responsibility for simple chores around the home?

Our 'My Chore Chart' helps children take ownership of their chores at home and feel the success of achievement.

Your children can slide their chore cards from the 'I can to' side of their chart, to the 'I have' side once the task is completed.

This chart is fully customisable to cater for 1, 2, 3 or 4 children at once. Place their image or a drawing on the left side of the chart to represent each child, and align their chores for each child!

These fully magnetic charts have two-way magnet task cards so they stick to the magnetic chart whether they are on the fridge or not. The charts are light weight so can easily be attached to the wall so you can display them anywhere in your home.

Pack includes:
1 x Magnetic Chore chart
18 x chore task cards (listed below)
4 x blank task cards

These task cards are images only so open to interpretation as to what chores they represent.

1. Wash car
2. Make bed / Change sheets
3. Sweep
4. Vacuum
5. Switch lights off
6. Clean bathroom
7. Pick up toys / tidy toys
8. Water garden
9. Collect mail
10. Take rubbish out
11. Dust
12. Put clothes away
13. Fold laundry / Get washing in
14. Make dinner
15. Empty / load dishwasher
16. Set the table
17. Clear the table
18. Wash dishes
Plus 4 x Blank Cards for names or extra chores

NZ - Please allow 5 days for shipping.

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD - contains small magnets. RECOMMENDED 3 years and up.

Images provided by Susan Fitch Design.